Yearly Archives: 2017

ISDN, things of the past


Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area – VII Hectic mouse clicks can be heard from the Producer’s Mac, followed by contented mumbling. “What are you doing,” Manager wants to...
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Directed recordings


Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area – VI That’s it. As in, that’s it, summer holidays are well and truly over, should we have needed a reminder. The balcony door has been shut, the...
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Business Mobile VoiceMails


SUMMER CONTEST. In addition to all kinds of IVR texts and video productions, DEDACOM also creates BMVM’s. “Excuse me?”, you say? Business Mobile VoiceMails. Ideal for (field staff) employees...
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Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area – V


Audio-take. The holidays are here. The first Black Saturdays have passed and this week saw the busiest day in the history of Schiphol Airport. At DEDACOM, the planes are seen during landing and...
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Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area – IV


  Festival editing. The Spring Memorandum of 2017 mentioned it, and the City Council is now definitively setting aside 1,25 million Euro for a new event venue in the Westpoort. The plot...
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