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A professional studio production for your mobile telephones? DEDACOM presents: The professional mobile voicemail.

Of course it has been around for a while, but your (sales) employees do not have to record the 30 second message played when a phone is not answered themselves anymore.

A professional feel can be expanded beyond a menu or messages played when clients are on hold. Your (future) company voice can also represent your firm on the mobile telephones your employees use.
Obviously this can be provided with a pleasant male or female voice, in any language and any dialect you may prefer.

The only thing you will have to do is choose the texts – DEDACOM will take care of the rest.


The recording/voicemail can be loaded remotely. The respective owners of the mobile phones will be asked to activate their voicemail box (if necessary) and to set the access code to standard (or to provide us with their personal codes). Using a special module we will call the voicemail box of your service provider, making it possible to load the personal welcome message without any quality loss.

We can offer you professional mobile voicemail services for a fee as low as €. 25,00 (excl. VAT) – this includes remote loading. For large numbers of messages we can provide you with a tailor made estimate.

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