What is a professional voice over?

Voice overs are people who have chosen to earn a living using their voice. A voice that can be heard off-screen over a wide variety of productions, who the viewer or listener can identify with; they can evoke a specific reaction or feeling  customers or products want to be associated with – often without the target group even realizing.

A-list voices are familiar with all of the different styles, techniques and creative skills needed for any specialty required.

These specialties include: Commercials, infomercials, jingles, promo’s, newscasts, documentaries, TV comments, company videos, books, instruction or training videos, Voice Response Recordings, children’s productions, cartoons and dubbing.

As important as professionalism and integrity is the atmosphere you bring. Indeed, a friendly, less impressive voice will always be chosen over the perfect voice with a difficult personality. In this profession, a lot depends on “live and let live” – a positive attitude and charisma invite others to work with you. Voice overs have to be able to follow directions, endure criticism and show a patient yet committed disposition. In other words, flexibility is a must.

Voice over training

Always wanted to be a voice actor? Or would you like to expand your experience and get better at your craft? This training is especially set up for voice talents with basic knowledge who want to develop their skills. Which modulation should you use? Where is the emphasis in this word? What is “masking”?

We also coach beginners taking their first steps on the path of becoming a voice talent. DEDACOM offers a voice training course. During this course you will learn about breathing techniques as well as tips and tricks with respect to reading ability and modulation. Among others the subjects are voice techniques, breath, acting, voice acting, attitude, studio equipment etc. And it goes without saying that the entire course takes place in our professional recording studio.

It seems so easy, but in fact many people discover that it is in fact quite difficult. Hearing your own voice through the headset, maintaining the exact same pitch over pages of text, or changing it every few seconds… But it’s not as complicated as you may think. By applying a few simple rules appearing before a microphone gets much easier. You will be better prepared, you will feel better and the message will come across!

You can also send your request per email.

Training prices

Single hour incl. studio and director €. 127,50 excl. VAT.
Package – course of 5 x 3 hours over 5 separate days – NOW!
Not €. 1912,50 but only €. 1530,00 excl. VAT.