At DEDACOM we are focused on our products as well as our clients. For example, we do not offer an average delivery time – instead, we offer the most ambitious terms for our clients. In other words, we do not start off by saying “this recording has a standard delivery of 3 days”, but rather “this recording has to be completed within 2 days. How can we realize this without compromising on quality?”

If necessary, we do not only convert your text into a different language, but we will also ensure that the terminology and style of the translation caters to you, and more importantly, your target group.

Every day, our dedicated partners translate all kinds of system texts for a wide variety of organizations. In addition to our regular English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch translators we have an extensive network of freelance translators fluent in even the most exotic languages. This allows us to commission the best people for any given assignment, and guarantee top quality. Even if the deadline is extremely tight.

Please send us an e-mail for an estimate or an offer.