Our activities as a voice-over studio also include providing the voice behind your video’s.

It is estimated that we have complemented thousands of company video’s for online advertisement (webvideo’s) with the appropriate voice – in addition to (virtual) tours, company presentations and internal training video’s. This demands a special kind of skill; you can imagine that a promo for a company renting out party tents requires a different tone of voice from a company that makes memorials from natural stone.

A video is a one-three between image, sound and voice. Between camera handling (or animation), composer and voice-over/studio. As the music should fit the images, the tone of voice and the pace of the voice-over have to be complementary. Accuracy is absolutely vital. We deliver a clean take for the editor in question to do what he likes. This doesn’t even have to be the final take, everyone has a right to final adjustments.

If required, we can deliver several takes at different lenghts. Or we gladly accept time intervals we can use to deliver separate phrases. Complete from A to Y – the rest is up to the video editor.

We are also available for scripting. We have copywriters who can come up with a suitable text for any video. Whether you strive for a complex transfer of information, or rather wish to convey a short and snappy message.

We have created voice overs for:

Spotzer Media Group B.V. (company video’s)
Madurodam (virtual tours)
De Hosting Makelaar (recruitment video’s)
Essent Grootzakelijk (training video’s)
Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe B.V. (TV promotion)