Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area – V

Geplaatst op 10-08-2017


The holidays are here. The first Black Saturdays have passed and this week saw the busiest day in the history of Schiphol Airport. At DEDACOM, the planes are seen during landing and take-off, or the other way around. Countless departures and arrivals, with a variety of destinations like a middle class hotel in Ibiza, a fishing holiday in Ireland or a two week stay at a luxury resort on Gran Canaria. The favorite holidays of Manager, Finances and Editor, respectively. Producer doesn’t go away on holiday. He’s taking days off, but that’s to watch the Tour de France. He rarely leaves the province of Noord-Holland.

Work is proceeding at the DEDACOM studio. A bronzed voice-over who had an early start this year (Portugal) takes a sip of water in between recordings and an audio-take is saved.

These are outbound recordings (Interactive Voice Response Recordings) for a large hospital. Not really the most fun to edit, but very useful. If people have to receive a reminder for an appointment over the phone, better to have it beautifully and lovingly made. Payment memos are recorded at the same time. This is something the guys enjoy. Is there anything better than preventing holiday makers from finding a collection letter on their door mat?

It is a bit quieter where work is concerned. Not from the USA. Assignments keep coming in hard and fast. The USA never goes on holiday. “Just like you, you are actually quite the cosmopolitan”, someone throws at Producer.

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