Voice over on your company video?!

Geplaatst op 16-05-2017

Voice over on your company video?!

DEDACOM is happy to deliver a voice on your (inter)national commercials, company video’s, product presentations, web video’s, television productions and animations for different clients. For educational or instruction films.

As well as for tour guides. For example, you might be on a tour of the Fakro skylight factory in Poland, and hear a DEDACOM voice over on your head phones.

Anyway. Videos.

We understand what videographers want. The tone of voice will be carefully discussed in advance, because we prefer to hit the mark in the first few takes.  Plural – because we’re quite willing to furnish different versions. In addition, all clients have the right to 1 subsequent delivery, based on the client’s feedback.

Files are delivered clean, so that the video editors have free rein and are able to seamlessly incorporate the voice over and images.

Ask me about the possibilities of this service.

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