1. Why would we need professional recordings for the telephone system?

Buying a telephone system is usually quite an investment; in our opinion, it would be a waste not to ensure professional system texts at negligible cost for the best possible results.

2. We use VOIP, so there is no big investment involved. Would professional texts still be profitable?

Yes. We have intentionally marketed this service at very low rates.

3. OK. But how does it work?

In order to provide you with a production we would like to receive: a text (to be translated); your voice selection(s); the required file format… and a deadline.

4. I just want to ask, how do I implement the files?

This can be done by the supplier of your telephone system, or you can do it yourself. Our manner of delivery (we do our own conversions) guarantees a copy/paste principle for implementation.

5. Aren’t these questions a bit obvious?

Yes, that’s why they are known as Frequently Asked Questions. Hasn’t your question been answered? We’d be happy to answer them in person.

Kindest regards,
The Team