Waiting on hold is a much-discussed phenomenon in the Netherlands. The operator Muziek_libraries needs to check for answers, or contact the person required, and leaves your clients to their fate – a fate consisting of silence, beeps or a repeated apology. There is no shame in the fact that many organizations are unable to prevent this situation – the staff may simply not have the capacity to deal with a high volume of phone calls.

But even when it is impossible to prevent, there are alternatives. From a fee as low as €. 10,00 per month, any organization can be assured that callers receive a quality performance, holding their attention and keeping them entertained.

DEDACOM can provide you with music in any style for your on-hold programming, delivered in the format and on the medium you require. The music will be supplemented with apologies such as: “Please hold the line; we will take your call as quickly as possible”. Of course we can also provide you with music without on-hold messages.

Music generally has a positive effect, whether waiting times are short or long; it conveys the message that your company values client contact, even if they are being asked for a moment’s patience.
(source: KPN Telecom, results service number research).

It is important to note that pleasant music will shorten the time your clients think they are kept on hold by about 40% (source: KPN Telecom, results service number research). In other words, it is not just an emergency measure; it is a great solution to deal with telephone queues, as well as reducing dropped call rates.

DEDACOM can provide any style of music. Our library extends Main Stream to Custom Made Music. We will also take care of BUMA/STEMRA dues.

Music on Hold is available for fees as low as €. 10,00 per month (excl. VAT).