Telephone systems

Companies of any size can reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve synergy and bring about their business targets by using an effective telephone system and the voice response recordings to match.

The market offers telephone systems with a wide range of configurations, and they provide an increasing number of functions and advantages. The most advanced telephone systems available today use the IP network, the same network many smaller companies use to connect employees, equipment and sources of information
as well.

There are about ten different major brands for telephone exchanges on the Dutch market. The most popular brands are Avaya, Mitel, Philips Nec, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent and Siemens. But manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung, Tiptel and Aastra are also selling telephone exchanges in the Netherlands. Of course you can use any of these systems to make telephone calls, however, it is not to easy to determine which system offers the solutions that best fit your situation. As a professional IVR carrier we know the format that is best for you.
In addition to the particular brand of the exchange, the choice of supplier of the exchange may be of even more importance to you. There are over 200 suppliers active on the Dutch market. Only a limited number of these suppliers have been awarded official certificates. And only these certified suppliers employ experienced and trained specialists. We have partnered up with these certified suppliers, and can guarantee that your new telephone exchange will be delivered according to your requirements. In short: DEDACOM is happy to connect you!


DEDACOM is not a hardware company, but rather a studio. However, in support of our services we do offer two specialized modules.

If you do not have a VoIP-telephone exchange for example, you can order the DEDA 15 for your on-hold service. The internal 128Mb flash memory is adequate for an (Mp3-)music file with on-hold messages of the highest quality (192kbps). We will send you the module preloaded, which means we have provided the music, and all you need to do is to connect it to the telephone system, in other words: “plug & play”. Of course delivery includes all necessary cables and a practical speaker function so you can hear what your callers hear on hold without having to call in yourself.

RT Module
We also offer a Re-Tell Telephone Connector (RT Module) which makes it possible to set your professional mobile voice mail using a landline without loss of quality. The procedure is simple: you connect the module with your computer and spiral cable and call your provider, and you can then upload the file we send you directly to voice mail. Of course the file you receive is of studio quality: 44.100 Hz/16bits/MONO.
Thus, you can combine loading the file with the activating procedure of your mobile connection. The RT-module is also practical for loading larger numbers of voice mails.

In addition this unique light weight module makes it easy to load audio files to your telephone exchange using a system phone. In other words, real studio work!

The module is connected to the system phone between the spiral cable and the phone itself. Using the audio cable of the RT MODULE you can connect any audio source you want. This could be a cd or mp3 player, a laptop, etc. We recommend you disable the microphone of the system telephone in order to prevent background noises and static.