It is always possible to be present for a recording session in our studio. For example because you would like to “see the face behind the voice”, or because you are simply curious about the procedure.

You can take a seat in the director’s area, right beside the producer, and take a look behind the scene while enjoying a cup of coffee.

It is a different matter if you decide to rent our studio. Because you want to direct the voice over personally, for example.

Our studio is regularly used to record jingles and promotional materials. We even host newscaster courses, which clients and/or mentors obviously want to be present for.

We also offer to possibility to remotely attend the recordings; on many occasions several people listen in on a conference call to give their feedback on modulation, emphasis or pronunciation of specific words. Examples are (product) names and combinations of letters or numbers. This can be a very tricky business! In these situations it is a matter of synchronizing watches and fixing an exact time for the call.

The standard recording format of our studio is 44.100 Hz/ 16 bits/ MONO. Of course we deliver in the format or your choice. Any conversion is possible, and we can provide you with any format (PCM, WAV, AU, VOX, Dialogic, VOC, etc.).

We can deliver the sound files by e-mail or using a free account on our dedicated server.

In case of commercials for radio stations DEDACOM can deliver these to EAR – a digital method of delivering commercials directly to any radio station, including the necessary BUMA/STEMRA forms.