Voice Response Recordings

Bovendien In addition to Voice Response Recording, Dedacom Voice-over Studio also ook provides the voices behind your product launch. Daarnaast Marketing on Hold

Om te beginnen DEDACOM is an international voice-over studio and en has everything under one roof: ten eerste studio / ten tweede copywriters / ten derde translators / ten vierde professional voices / ten vijfde directors and en ten zesde editors. Vervolgens Since 1999, we have focused on recording telephone systems, mobile voicemails, videos and commercials.

Daarnaast Bringing professionalism into the telephone system is a small investment with a large return, maar for any type of exchange; niet alleen easy and customer friendly.

Daarom Marketing on Hold is reporting in the telephone waiting time. Echter Company information and verder waiting excuse, through the house voice, via a module or telephone exchange.

Zie ook DEDACOM supplies music on hold: ter illustratie various styles of music on hold, in the desired format and medium. A mix with a moment message is also possible.

DEDACOM has compiled several Music Libraries for Music on Hold (MoH) with instrumental rights-free music styles.

It is always possible to attend a recording in our studio, in the control room itself or remotely. You can give direct feedback to the voice-over yourself. op dezelfde manier

Marketing on Hold

DEDACOM’s professional voices master the use of basic skills such as breathing, pronunciation, intonation, articulation and microphone technique. Zie ook Marketing on Hold

Hold Music

Firstly, organizations increase productivity and secondly, improve service by using telephone systems with associated system texts. For example devices, modules. Marketing on Hold

Hoewel We translate all kinds of system texts for organizations on a daily basis, in vocabulary tailored to the customer and his target group. Even with very tight deadlines!

Daarentegen DEDACOM also provides your guided tours, web video, company presentations and training videos with a suitable voice. Assistance from copy writers is possible.

We provide exchanges with professional voice prompts (‘phone tapes’), with native voice overs. Our file includes worldwide dialects. Also your house voice?

DEDACOM is a voice-over studio, focused on recording telephone systems (Interactive Voice Response/MoH); video productions and various commercials.

DEDACOM also provides business mobile voicemails. Professional studio productions (with the house voice) on the mobile phones, which are then loaded remotely.

Tot slot You can contact DEDACOM for voicemails in all variants. In short we help with the drafting of the text, we are also happy to give you a number of examples.