Recording by phone


Recording by phone.   In the heart of Westpoort you can find the equipment depot of the Municipality of Amsterdam. This is where the signage of Amsterdam is coordinated and stored. And the...
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Video production voice-over


Video production voice-over.   It’s hot at Tijnmuiden 61. The lawn has turned yellow – just a little bit of green remains around the recently planted trees. Probably because the...
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Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area


Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area…   The oystercatchers are still nesting on the roof. And the crows are bothering them. They can’t do much more about the attacks than flattening...
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Voice over on your company video?!


Voice over on your company video?! DEDACOM is happy to deliver a voice on your (inter)national commercials, company video’s, product presentations, web video’s, television productions and...
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