Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area

Geplaatst op 13-06-2017

Meanwhile, in the Western Port Area…


The oystercatchers are still nesting on the roof. And the crows are bothering them. They can’t do much more about the attacks than flattening themselves on the grass and squeaking (very loudly). However, they seem to have enlisted an assault team. Two magpies that are quite ready to rumble and are swooping down on the crows from strategic positions. A common coot is watching the spectacle from his safe haven – a concrete pipe – and also keeps a watchful eye on something else: ducks are not allowed in his ditch. They’re on the embankment, looking crestfallen. The seagulls remain on the sidelines, unless bread is involved – then it’s a free-for-all. Hold Music – Audio Marketing

Hold Music – Audio Marketing

Inside the office of sound studio DEDACOM, a strange language can be heard coming from Manager’s computer. It’s Argentinean-Spanish. From the desk diagonally across from it, Finances asks if Manager could possibly use some headphones, like Editor always does. Editor agrees. “It’s blaring right through my Ukrainian voice files,” he adds “I can’t even hear my own recordings.” Manager apologizes: “I really have to check this hold text – something’s wrong with it but I’m not sure whether it happened during recording or mixing. Two minutes.” Now Producer gets involved as well: “Two minutes? I’m trying to write commercials for those video dudes over here, do you have any idea how distracting this is?” Producer gets up and disappears to the canteen to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Finances addresses an invoice for the mobile voicemails delivered this week. A meticulous job. Hold Music – Audio Marketing

This week, the motley crew will record the telephones of the municipality of The Hague and tend to the system texts for Apple in 12 countries.Β  Not before the new Subway has been welcomed warmly from the balcony. Manager even claps loudly, but he adds: “A bit for the FEBO though.”

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